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The List

The list is a collection of all the past Polymerbit notes created over the years. Find details such as issue name, printing quantities, and country of production. 

The most influential notes include stories of the scope and impact the series has had. 

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Our Collection

Each note below is considered important to our story.

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The full list is updated regularly as new editions are published.

The List 

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Influential Projects

01. 1/10 BTC Original Series (2016) 1000 pcs

The 0.1 BTC concept note was the first Bitcoin note designed by Daniele Barbagallo, and now forms part of the British Museums collection. 

The note quickly became featured across different media as it materialised BTC. 

02. eToro Series commission (2018) 689 pcs

Starting with the 21 pound loaded note, the series was expanded to 20-250 pounds in loaded notes. These notes were handed out to Bankers and Tory party members in London. 

03. Crypto Valley S1 (2017) 50 pcs

The 5 mbtc note, nicknamed 'Zug' was the first Polymerbit note with in-house keys. It featured a complicated multi layer print. 

04 . Northern Cardinal (2019) 100 Pcs

The Birds of the World Series featured a brand new substrate by STC. The note was extremely detailed, with multiple layers and with an eye appealing red foil. This was the first loaded non commissioned Polymerbit.

05. Crypto Valley Edition S3 (2021)

The series became iconic and demand was high. It featured the STC material with a multi printing process. 

06. Crypto Whale Edition (2022)

This series was intended to be an affordable entry and featured various denominations from 1-4 mbtc. 

07. Plan B Lugano (2022)

The Plan B note was a breakthrough in

in-house clear window technology.  Featuring a new substrate and fully working keys.








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