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Our Story

The concept behind Polymerbit was first explored by Daniele Barbagallo for a business management university paper in mid 2015. The task of this paper was to find existing concepts and propose innovative solutions that increased their usability. Bitcoin cold storage wallets existed, but they were arguably not fully developed yet. The principal argument was that for Bitcoin to gain wider acceptance, people needed a more comfortable and familiar way to interact with it. 


Existing solutions were too niche and lacked the security features intrinsic to banknotes. They were also devoid of the compelling imagery that could make them the ambassadors of this revolutionary technology. This fundamental aspect suggested potential in cold storage wallets; when envisioned towards the sophistication and accessibility of banknotes.


Design is a powerful tool that can foster representation and stir emotion. Much like banknotes, which have the potential to act as a representative, cold storage wallets could also create a similar impact. Fast forward to 2016, these theoretical concepts were transformed into tangible reality by the Polymerbit project. Our first Bitcoin cold storage concept received its debut on Reddit. The innovative design caught the attention of Minerjones, an esteemed member of the Bitcointalk community. 


Fueled by community support, we initiated our journey through preorders, funding our first print. Since then, we have been creating notes with increasing security features and better designs.


Today, Polymerbit stands not just as a provider of secure, user-friendly cold storage wallets, but as a symbol of how design and innovation can drive adoption of new technologies. We believe in the future of Bitcoin, and we are here to make that future more accessible for everyone.

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