The Crypto Valley 0.001 BTC unloaded note is intended to show our commitment to innovation and passing savings on to you. It is the culmination of four years of security design and production improvements.


The design efforts on this note alone have exceeded 100 hours, which we hope is evident in the quality of this release. Private key protected with scratch & tamper resistant Polymerbit Laserseal™ technology. This way we can keep your keys safe without a hologram. 


 Keys produced by Daniele Barbagallo. 100 pcs were produced in 2020. Series 2A-U (ND) - 02/12/2020 More coming in 2021 under Series 2B-U (ND) 2021.


Pro Tip: It is possible to pay for your order in Bitcoin. Simply select "manual payment" and follow the instructions. 



0.001 BTC Crypto Valley Edition

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Number: 11024503

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