The Emperor Penguin 0.001 BTC loaded note is intended to show our commitment to innovation and improving our products. It is the culmination of three years of security design and is the next note to be released in the "Birds of the World" series.


The design efforts on this note alone have exceeded 100 hours, which we hope is evident in the quality of this release. A major effort was undertaken on coming up with a meaningful design. The Emperor Penguin features a representation of the blockchain. On its reverse, the bird is prominently displayed. The note has reflective elements that add depth, feel & are simply beautiful to handle. 


Price shown is exclsuive of BTC. 0.001 Bitcoin (plus Blockchain fees) must be provided by the buyer. Note cannot be purchased unloaded. 


Pro Tip: It is possible to pay for your order & loading all in one. Simply select "offline payment" and pay the full amount in BTC (adding TX fees) to 1N4q5CmovDrJ5sJVnt6oGeeCX7uYtvJL7f. 


Use code PENGUIN on orders of 5 or more for 10% off! 


 Keys produced by Adam Pinder. 



0.001 BTC Emperor Penguin


    After payment of the notes, all customers must send 0.001 BTC + blockchain fees to the following address for each note they purchased. The note(s) will not be shipped until this has occured. 


    Only send Bitcoin (BTC) here


    Due to regulation by US authorities, it is not possible to send loaded documents through customs. Therefore the BTC will be loaded only once the client is in possesion of the note. 


    Other countries may chose have thier notes loaded ealier. But this may be risky due to possible loss or theft. We recommend to wait until you have it in your possesion. 

    Then please contact us verifying that you received the notes. 

    Loaded by Polymerbit Ltd. 

    User sends 0.001 BTC plus fees (to cover the transaction) to our main wallet, we load after delivery. 

    For transparency reasons, all public keys and serial numbers will be stored and made public on the bitcointalk forum. 

Number: 11024503

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