The 2018 'Zytturm' note was one of the most popular releases in Polymerbits' history. The 10 mbtc Zugerland crypto note is a new denomantion from this series that brings many advancements, all while showcasing another part of the valleys' famous exports: cherries. 


Breakthroughts were made both in design quality, & through the additon of new security features. A foil colour changing strip displays the denomination- making the note harder to counterfeit. Both public and private keys are printed and are ready to be loaded. 


The design focuses of the landscape of the Swiss crypto valley. The obverse contains all the key information, as well as the hologram. A set of cherries along with the key information are displayed on the obverse. On the reverse, the city along with the Zytturm tower is featured with large mountains and the lake acting as the horizon. 


Limited to 100 pcs. Order while stocks last. 


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New distributors (Minerjones- USA + Mitchell- NL) allow us to ship faster than ever before. When you order on here, your item will be delivered through them. Your distributor will depend on your location. 


If you wish to pay in BTC: 3N36sCJXN1iQEzjJm7uhXBCZc2g56SppJ2


Simply choose 'offline payment'. Please add TX fees. 


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