Key Gen

Due to the sensitive nature of private keys, we take key generation very seriously.  There are various ways we mitigate risk. They revolve around strategies such as decentralising production and keeping the manufacturing devices offline.

Do you have experience in producing keys? 

Over time Polymerbit has been trusted by the cryptocurrency collectors 

community to produce keys. However, we still prefer to outsource production to  selected trusted partners. Some of our projects required clients to trust us with over $15,000 in Bitcoin. 

Who makes the keys then? 

Every note released with keys is very clear about who had access to the production process. At the moment there are 4 Producers. Adam Pinder (Co Director Polymerbit), Daniele Barbagallo (Co Director Polymerbit) Michael Morris (Vizique Media UK), Patrick Cudo (Coldkey Aaltworld SAS)

Due to this risk, our clients may prefer to produce the keys in-house. We have solutions where the keys can be completed by you. 

loaded notes jan anni.jpg

Pictured above is a completed run of notes. The keys were produced externally by Patrick Cudo. Originally loaded with $50 in crypto in January 2019. Below are some of the loaded notes produced for eToro. 

Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 15.56.50.png

Number: 11024503

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