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A particular focus on art,

by design.

Our core mission remains that of artists advocating for Bitcoin's widespread adoption, leveraging arts' ability to simplify complex concepts and evoke emotional connections.

Since 2016, we've created over 100 unique Polymerbit designs, earning recognition from grading institutions like PCGS, auction houses like Stack's Bowers, and even forming part of The British Museums' collection. These collectibles attract enthusiasts who value the blend of design, tradition with emerging technology.


Banknotes traditionally symbolise a nation's ideals, history, and culture. We aim to build on this fact, by creating powerful symbols that people interact with daily, rectifying fiat currency's flaws like unlimited printing and control. Polymerbit introduces a fresh narrative for tangible currency.


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Each modern polymerbit is designed

with a public key for easy transfer of funds.

Verify & Trade

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Each polymerbit can be easily verified to contain funds.

Verified notes can be accepted in barter.


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At the end of the notes useful service life, a simple scratch off allows access to the funds on the note.

How a Polymerbit Works:


How do we keep our wallets secure?

Key generation is a sensitive topic. See the steps we take to mitigate risk. 

Keygen Protocol

Keys are generated to ram and wiped from both the system & printer after each print. On circulation notes, public keys are not kept or tracked. 

Security Features

Each Polymerbit has anti tampering and verification features that combat counterfeiting. 

Open Source Keygen

Keys are generated with an open source plugin and the notes can be redeemed using a wide spectrum of apps

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Advocating for 

Better Money

Leveraging the autonomy & aesthetic of physical currency- Polymerbit gives Bitcoin tangibility. Experience financial freedom, privacy, and resilience in an era of increasing restrictions.

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